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18 Aug 2017 Here's a list of valid values for the META ROBOTS tag. Index (default value); Noindex; None; Follow; Nofollow; Noarchive; Nosnippet; Noodp (no  5 Mar 2007 The meta robots tag was an open standard created over a decade ago and designed initially to allow page authors to prevent page indexing. 13 Jul 2017 Noindex meta tags and robots.txt files are ways to control how parts of your website are handled by search engines. Learn more about using  3 Jul 2018 This is probably the most common meta robots tag that you'll come across and use; the meta robots noindex tag tells search engines that, while  Use NOINDEX to tell the crawler not to index a page, : . 19 Sep 2018 For example, it was placed in the head of the document and contained “noindex, follow”. Meta robots tag from static html. But we know that  25 Sep 2018 Typically instructions include either to index content (content=”index”) or not to index (content=”noindex”). robots meta tag source code 

The different robots meta tag values. The following values (‘parameters’) can be placed on their own, or together in the content attribute of tag (separated by a comma), to control how search engines interact with your page. Scroll down for an overview of which search engines support which specific parameters. index

The case is ignored. If you only include one option the default is used for the other option, so is equal to the default index, follow. is also equal to the default index, follow. The difference between the robots meta tag and the X-robots-tag. The meta robots tag allows you to control indexing behavior at page level. The x-robots-tag can be included as part of the HTTP header to control indexing of a page as a whole, as well as very specific elements of a page. The findings from these 875,000+ hotel websites shows that 1.502% of hotel websites use NOINDEX or NONE as their meta robots value. The percentage doesn’t seem high, but that’s over 13,000 of hotel websites that effectively block all search engine bots from indexing their websites. By default we assume "index" but if needed you can use to explicitly state that we may index the page. Do not follow outlinks from the page. The noindex value of an HTML robots meta tag requests that automated Internet bots avoid indexing a web page. Reasons why one might want to use this meta tag include advising robots not to index a very large database, web pages that are very transitory, web pages that are under development, web pages that one wishes to keep slightly more private, or the printer and mobile-friendly versions of pages. Since the burden of honoring a website's noindex tag lies with the author of the search robot, so

sure that this page will not be included in the index:

. Breaking this down there are two core parts, the User Agent and the Directive. The User Agent is the name: meta  Do You Need the Robots Meta Tag? Robots Meta Tag Options. Anatomy of the Robots Meta Tag; Index, Follow -  3 Feb 2018 What's the difference between the robots.txt file and a noindex meta tag? Both of these tags are designed to tell the search engine crawlers to  21 Sep 2015 Meta robot tags are an important part of a websites html code to tell search engine's not to crawl specific parts of a web page or to not index it.