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The adjacent table gives investors an individual Realtime Rating for CMF on several different metrics, including liquidity, expenses, performance, volatility, dividend, concentration of holdings in addition to an overall rating. The Chaikin Money Flow (CMF) is a technical indicator measuring Money Flow (MF) strength and direction by analyzing price change from a neutral (middle) level and volume traded during this price change. Each price bar has Open, High, Low and Close prices. Middle Point (MP) is located in the middle between High and Low prices. In technical analysis MP is considered as a neutral level at which Using Chaikin Money Flow (CMF) For Stock Trading Chaikin Money Flow was developed by Marc Chaikin and is a primary used a confirmation tool for trend trading in stocks. It combines both price action and volume into one indicator, as the founder believes that volume leads price. Chaikin Money Flow (CMF) is a technical analysis indicator used to measure Money Flow Volume over a set period of time. Money Flow Volume (a concept also created by Marc Chaikin) is a metric used to measure the buying and selling pressure of a security for single period. CMF then sums Money Flow Volume over a user defined look-back period. Any The similarities between the Chaikin Money Flow oscillator and the Money flow index end with the idea that they are both commonly used by active traders to monitor the flow of money and/or momentum.

Stock prices may also move more quickly in this environment. Investors who anticipate trading during these times are strongly advised to use limit orders. Real- 

20-period CMF = 20-period Sum of Money Flow Volume / 20 period Sum of Notice how the multiplier was near +1 on 5-Jan when the stock closed near its high  15 Nov 2018 The Money Flow Index (MFI) is a trading oscillator that incorporates volume and price data. It can be used to generate trade signals based on  Technical analysis focuses on market action — specifically, volume and price. Technical analysis is only one approach to analyzing stocks. When considering  The Chainkin Money Flow is a tool that uses both price and volume to confirm the trend or warn of weakness. It isn't usually used to provide trade signals itself, 

Volume 1: Statewide Electricity. Demand, End-User Natural Gas. Demand, and Energy Efficiency. JANUARY 2014. CEC-200-2013-004-V1-CMF. CALIFORNIA.

{(Close - Low) - (High - Close)} / {High - Low} * Volume. The Chaikin Money Flow sums AD for 21 days and then divides the result by volume for the identical period. Volume is used as the divisor so that the indicator will fluctuate between a maximum of 1 and a minimum of -1. Twiggs Momentum and powerful stock screens.