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Some of you may have heard about the entry of a new member into XRPchat.com by the name of Bob Way (actual name). Bob had multiple senior roles at  10 Oct 2016 On XRPChat.com, the speculation is rampant. Poster zero-2-9 sees the following possibility for the Ripple situation: "The issue is that  Such unstable fluctuations have served as an opportunity for speculation for from user opinion data (topic) on the Ripple forum (http://www.xrpchat.com/). ( CSV). 9 Oct 2019 Whale watchers are speculating on the identity of the Ripple Crypto XRP- based forum XRPChat have in the past speculated that Larsen is 

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While there is much speculation surrounding what xPool is, there is no doubt that it will help fulfill Ripple's vision and be a core part of the strategy to drive XRP  31 Jul 2018 Submission for the XRP Short Story Contest over at XRPCHAT. they do all we have is speculation, hunches and circumstantial evidences. 15 Aug 2017 In new statements to CoinDesk, the San Francisco blockchain startup aimed to address rumors that first appeared last Thursday on XRP Chat,  6 Mar 2019 have been increasingly used for speculation [6]. Cryptocurrencies can be [38] Rippl chat. https://www.xrpchat.com/, 2016. Accessed: 09  7 May 2019 In the last couple of days we have witnessed speculation that the secret creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto xrpchat.com/topic/30588-hi… 17 Aug 2016 fluctuations have served as an opportunity for speculation for some user opinion data (topic) on the Ripple forum (http://www.xrpchat.com/).

The power of speculation is something that was overwhelmingly visible during April and May of 2017.   The entire crypto market expanded to a new size, and has temporarily plateaued at the current investment levels. This is the calm before the next storm.

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