Largest inflation rate ever

Jul 24, 2018 Venezuela's inflation rate may hit 1,000,000 percent. Yes Venezuela's inflationary spiral as of May ranked as the 23rd highest ever recorded. For example, in 1975, Japan's inflation rate was over 8% and the inflation rate for The closest the United States has ever gotten to hyperinflation was during the The periods of highest inflation in the United States in the twentieth century  Sep 3, 2019 Crisis-hit Venezuela tops a list of countries with the highest levels of inflation, with a rate estimated at almost 282972.8 percent in April 2019. Sep 22, 2018 Venezuela entered the Hanke‐Krus World Hyperinflation Table in November 2016 when prices were rising by Daily inflation rate: 207% that's 41.9 quadrillion percent a month - the worst episode of hyperinflation ever recorded. The country's highest denomination was the 100 quintillion pengo note.

This huge number amounts to a monthly inflation rate of 322 percent. While the German hyperinflation is better known, a much larger hyperinflation occurred 

Some of the cases of the highest inflation rate ever, or the worst hyperinflation in the world were recorded in Hungary during 1945-1946, with a monthly rate of 4.19 x 10 16 %, Zimbabwe in 2007 Inflation rose steadily, reaching 1,281.1 percent in 2006, 66,212.3 percent in 2007, 2.3 million percent in July 2008, and a record high of 79.6 billion percent in July 2009. By this time, basic necessities like bread were sold for billions. Most central banks (such as the U.S. Federal Reserve) target an annual inflation rate for a country of around 2% to 3%. During periods of hyperinflation, a country experiences an inflation rate of The Post-World War II hyperinflation of Hungary held the record for the most extreme monthly inflation rate ever – 41,900,000,000,000,000% (4.19 × 1016% or 41.9 quadrillion percent) for July 1946, amounting to prices doubling every 15.3 hours. This downward cycle is devastating. The highest rate of U.S. unemployment was 24.9% in 1933, during the Great Depression. Unemployment remained above 14% from 1931 to 1940. It remained in the single digits until September 1982 when it reached 10.1%.

The highest unemployment rate ever recorded in Florida was 11.4%. This occurred during August 2006. The current unemployment rate in Florida is 7.2%.

For this reason, all inflation comparisons will be based upon exchange rate changes The result was the highest inflation the world had experienced since the the worse, and Germany has been hyper-vigilant against inflation ever since.